Furla Series #01

Solid Light Cinema

Workshops for adults and kids conceived by the Studio Fabio Mauri to create portable paper sculptures
Curated by Ad Artem

Fabio Mauri (Rome, 1926-2009) is one of the leading figure in the Italian avant-garde movement after World War II. His work ranges from Arte Povera to performance practices and the relantionship between art and cinema. The workshops, proposed to an audience of all age, intend to explore his work and at the same time to pay homage to one of the most interesting figure of the Italian contemporary art scene.
Participants will create a paper pop-up inspired by Fabio Mauri’s Cinema a luce solida (1968). Paper has its own “memory”: its fibers retain every fold, and each mark on the surface becomes an indelible trace. By analyzing these folds and enlisting their complicity, we can see a sheet of paper turn from something pure and pristine into an assemblage of geometric shapes. This art, known as paper engineering, centers on applying geometric concepts to the material, to create mechanisms that move, slide, rotate, raise and transform various components.

Cover photo by: Claudio Cantelmi


3 December, 2017
4 February, 4 March, 1 April, and 6 May, 2018
10.30 am (2 hours)
Ages 11-90

By reservation until all available spots are taken
Workshop cost: 8 €
Info and reservations: +39 02 6597728, info@adartem.it

Museo del Novecento
Via Marconi 1

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