Furla Series #01

The Chicken and the Egg: Moving Images

Workshops conceived by the Studio Fabio Mauri to explore the world of projection
Curated by Ad Artem

Fabio Mauri (Rome, 1926-2009) is one of the leading figure in the Italian avant-garde movement after World War II. His work ranges from Arte Povera to performance practices and the relantionship between art and cinema.

One goal of this workshop is to help participants discover the world of projection (cinema) as a tool for perceiving the world, a theme that Fabio Mauri often explored in his works. After a brief introduction to one of Mauri’s most frequently presented “lecture-performances”, Ricostruzione della memoria a percezione spenta (1988), workshop participants will make their own phenakistiscopes, learning techniques of construction, montage, and sequencing that will involve a stage of planning before their actual implementation.

Cover photo by: Claudio Cantelmi


3 December, 2017
4 February, 4 March, 1 April, and 6 May, 2018
3.30 pm (2 hours)
Ages 6-10 

By reservation until all available spots are taken
Workshop cost: 8 €
Info and reservations: +39 02 6597728, info@adartem.it

Museo del Novecento
via Marconi 1

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