Accademie Eventuali I – 2012

A workshop aimed at stirring young creativity masterminded by guest artists Giovanni Anceschi and Luca Trevisani based on a theme sparked by Arts Week in Bologna

Entitled Ambienti plurali, partiture somatiche e frutta di stagione, the first edition of Accademie Eventuali coincided with Live Arts Week in Bologna. The two Italian artists who spearheaded the 10-day workshop featuring 10 students – Marco Bonaccolto, Fabio Caccuri, Valentino Campisi, Giovanni Copelli, Jaya Cozzani, Rada Kozeli, Tiziano Rossano Maineri, Simone Massafra, Namsal Siedlecki, Valeria Talamonti – were Giovanni Anceschi and Luca Trevisani. The theme of the workshop embraced the urban context, the museum’s space and the events held in Bologna at the time. The workshop culminated with an exhibition that recounted, documented and highlighted the experience between the artists and the students.



Ambienti plurali, partiture somatiche e frutta di stagione


16-26 April 2012

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