Furla Art Award I

talent/um, tolerāre

Premio Querini-FURLA per l'arte – a project that bonds fashion and culture to promote emerging Italian artists

FURLA and Fondazione Querini Stampalia joined forces to introduce a new prize for Italian artists. A further testament of how fashion and culture can collaborate to promote Italian creativity, the aim of the annual appointment is to propel emerging Italian artists into the spotlight, putting them on the radar of both a national and international public. Through an in-depth research and selection, Premio Querini-FURLA per l’arte offers visibility to the five best up-and-coming artists. As part of the project, the winner donates an artwork to FURLA, whose ambition is to build a noteworthy collection of Italian contemporary art.
The curator was Chiara Bertola, supported by advisors Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Angela Vettese.
The by-invitation only prize focused on a wide yet quality-driven selection and the shortlist of five candidates – Eva Marisaldi, Simone Berti, Alessandra Tesi, Paola Pivi and Sislej Xhafa – was carried out by 10 Italian critics. The winner, Sislej Xhafa, instead was chosen by a high-profile international jury. The five artworks, one by each finalist, were displayed at Fondazione Querini Stampalia.


Group exhibition of the finalist artists

Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice
11 July – 24 September 2000


Guiding artist

Joseph Kosuth

Selecting critics

Laura Cherubini
Claudia Colasanti
Guido Curto
Emanuela De Cecco
Paolo Falcone
Alessandra Galletta
Guido Molinari
Francesca Pasini
Roberto Pinto
Ludovico Pratesi

Scientific committee

Chiara Bertola
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio
Angela Vettese

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