Furla Art Award VII

The Spirit In Any Condition Does Not Burn

At the forefront, a desire to streamline the process with a new format characterized by a dialogue between curators and by support to the winner in producing a brand new artwork

Under the wing of the patroness artist Marina Abramović, the seventh edition of Premio Furla introduced a new format aimed at streamlining the selection process. From now on, five pairs of Italian and international curators teamed up, each one choosing a finalist. Furthermore, another noteworthy novelty was that instead of presenting a finished artwork, the artists were asked to propose a project that the winner would transform into an actual piece of art. The work was later displayed at Fondazione Querini Stampalia during the Venice Biennale.
The new approach comes at a time when the importance of the creative process and the public’s desire to experience and share it with the artist has become increasingly important. The idea of providing Italian artists with a concrete space in which to plan new productions also represented a fascinating challenge for the artist, who is stimulated by tackling a creative course that leads to a specific destination. The five finalists were Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Meris Angioletti, Giulia Piscitelli, Alberto Tadiello, and Ian Tweedy. The winner Alberto Tadiello was given the opportunity to take part at the artist residency at Gasworks in London.


Exhibition of the finalists’ projects

Arte Fiera, Bologna
24 January 2009


Guiding artist

Marina Abramovic

Selecting curators

Laura Barreca and Pelin Uran
Caroline Corbetta and Daniel Birnbaum
Francesco Manacorda and Raimundas Malašauskas
Alessandro Rabottini and Yilmaz Dziewior
Andrea Viliani and Chus Martinez

Scientific committee

Chiara Bertola
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio
Walter Guadagnini
Gianfranco Maraniello
Pierluigi Sacco

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