Furla Series #03

The Spaces of Art

Free guided tour of the Misfits exhibition and the Villa Reale Gardens

What is the space of Art? In what way can the closed and institutional space of the Museum and the open one of the Gardens influence our experience of an art work?

The Neoclassical forms of Villa Reale and the sinuous and artificially “natural” ones of the English Garden (one of the finest in Milan, usually closed to adults, but now open on our tours!) establish a dialogue with Nairy Baghramian’s sculptures. These works “transform” the space they occupy, creating new meanings, questions, and contrasts, both real and apparent: history and contemporaneity, art and nature, thought and form, metal and marble, white and color, inside and outside are only some of the opposites we will be exploring on this walk, steeped in beauty. 


Guided tours for aldults are held in Italian and are available on the following date:

Sunday, May 30, 4.30 pm

Sunday, June 6, 4.30 pm

Sunday, June 13, 4.30 pm

Sunday, August 29, 4.30 pm

Sunday, September 5, 4.30 pm

Sunday, September 12, 4.30 pm

Sunday, September 12, 4.30 pm

Sunday, September 24, 3.00 pm


Booking required: admaiora.education


Free tour in Italian language included in the cost of admission.
Booking is mandatory: www.admaiora.education

Duration: 90'

GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16

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