Furla Series #05

Somethings in the World

Guided tour of the exhibition and the GAM collection

American artist Suzanne Jackson’s pictorial experimentation takes on various forms and is nourished by experiences and evocations related to poetry, theater, and dance. In the works on display, we observe how the relationship between her paints and supports changes over time, as does that between figure and abstraction: the acrylics used like watercolor in her early figurative works give way to ones in which the paint material itself also becomes the support material and the figure gradually dissolves, yet without subtracting from its communicative power.

In the second part of the tour, a stroll through GAM’s permanent collection provides the opportunity for comparison and dialogue—from a technical and conceptual point of view—between Jackson’s research and a selection of the Gallery’s masterpieces, looking in particular at the different ways in which artists over time have represented human beings, nature, and the relationship between them.

Starting with the neoclassical perfection of Canova’s elegant Hebe and Appiani’s Parnassus, we see how contours begin to blur in the works of the Scapigliatura school, and how even color is split up in the masterpieces of Segantini, Previati and Pellizza da Volpedo, right up to the ultimate dissolution of the figure into light in Medardo Rosso’s extraordinary sculptures.


Booking required: admaiora.education



Saturday, September 30, 3 pm 

Saturday, October 7, 3 pm (Italian Contemporary Art Day)

Sunday, October 15, 3 pm 

Sunday, October 29, 3 pm

Sunday, November 12, 3 pm 

Sunday, November 26, 3 pm 

Sunday, December 17, 3 pm




Free tour in Italian language included in the cost of admission.
Booking is mandatory: www.admaiora.education

Saturday October 7, Contemporary Art Day, free admission to the museum for tour participants

Duration: 90'

GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16

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