Furla Series #05

Special activities for primary and high schools

In the guided tour through the Suzanne Jackson exhibition and some of the masterpieces from GAM’s permanent collection, we discover how landscape is represented in art history and the diverse artistic interpretations of the relationship between human beings and nature. We look at figures, shapes, colors, and textures: each work has a world to show, a story to tell, an emotion to convey. Starting with the sharp contours of Canova and Appiani’s Neoclassicism, we see how color breaks down in masterpieces such as Segantini’s Angel of Life or Pellizza da Volpedo’s Rural Idyll, and how the figure seems to melt into the light, losing its form, in Medardo Rosso’s sculptures.

The level of investigation and approach of the tour may be calibrated to suit pupils’ preparation.


Guided tour for elementary schools: exhibition + Gallery – duration 90 mins
The journey begins with a mission, entrusted to us by Ma-Yaa: a mysterious water spirit who welcomes us and invites us to discover the important secret message behind Suzanne’s work and those in the Gallery. Over the course of the adventure, encountering enchanted landscapes and magical characters such as Guru Gru, children actively investigate the form and meaning of the works, amidst puzzles to be solved, actions to be taken and small tasks to be completed.


Guided tour for high schools: exhibition + Gallery – duration 90 mins
With high school children, the exhibition path adopts a dialogic and interactive approach aimed at getting them to actively participate in the reading and interpretation of the works, from a technical, stylistic and a conceptual stance, contextualizing them through connections with other artists and with masterpieces from GAM’s permanent collection.


Info and Bookings:

Free activity included in the price of the museum admission, subject to availability.

Pre-booking required: Tel. 324-5328700 (Mon–Fri, 9 am – 2 pm), prenotazioni@admaiora.education



Free activity in Italian language, included in the cost of admission
Subject to availability
Booking required: www.admaiora.education

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