Furla Series #03

Naturally Imperfect

Free tour and creative workshop with natural materials. For families with children aged 6-11 years.

Imperfect means “unfinished,” but in our daily life it has acquired the meaning of “wrong.” Yet, only what is unfinished, what is imperfect, can still change and have a future. The imperfect is also the narrative tense – the tense of fairy-tales. But in fairy-tales, in the end, everything seems perfect, as in this Villa and in the stunning garden, designed precisely to appear “naturally perfect”.
But is it really so? On our itinerary we will discover not only that there is no such thing as “perfection,” either in nature or in art, but also that, if there were, it would actually be quite boring! 
The sculptures on display present themselves like characters in a story, and will give us a project: to find natural elements in the Garden that can be combined to create a portrait of them (or us), using a mixed-media technique.



Sunday, May 30  10:30 am  duration 90′
Sunday, August 29  10:30 am  duration 90′
Sunday, September 19 10:30 am  duration 90′


Booking required: admaiora.education



Free activity in Italian language, included in the cost of admission
Booking required:

GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16

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