Furla Series #03

Stainless (and fearless) Stains

Free tour and creative workshop with watercolours and recycled materials. For families with children aged 6-11 years.

The knights of medieval legends were supposed to be immaculate and “stainless”, which is to say faultless, but they almost invariably ended up getting into all sorts of mischief – and this is precisely what makes their adventures so exciting!
Besides, they were also referred to as “knights-errant”, as in the case of the famous Don Quixote, and the verb “to err” means both “to roam, to wander aimlessly” (in its original Latin sense) and “to make a mistake.” Because without mistakes there can be no journey, no growth. 
Inspired by the emotions aroused by the sculptures and their shapes we will roam the garden seeking to “dovetail” the forms of nature with one of the works on display. Finally, we will create and combine our “stains” in a mixed-media work to understand how fantasy and beauty spring from difference, wandering, and erring. 



Sunday, June 13 10:30 am – duration 90’

Sunday, September 12 10:30 am – duration 90’


Booking required: admaiora.education


Free activity in Italian language, included in the cost of admission
Booking required:

GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16

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